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Daniel Lim

  • 링크드 인 사회 아이콘
Data-Driven Design & Manufacturing

#Data-driven design #Product Design #Digital fabrication

Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Berkeley


Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering - University of California, Berkeley (2022 -  Advisor: Prof. Grace X. Gu

M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering- University of California, Berkeley (2015) Advisor: Prof. Alice M. Agogino

B.S in Mechanical Engineering - Korea University (2014)


Peer-Reviewed Journal

‡ Equally contributed

[6] Lee. J.W.‡, Lim. D. D.‡, Park. J.W., Lee. J.M., Noh. D.W., Gu, G. X.*, Choi. W.*; Multifunctionality of additively manufactured Kelvin foam for electromagnetic wave absorption and load bearingSmall, 2023 (accepted)

[5] Jin, Z., Lim, D. D., Zhao, X., Mamunuru, M., Roham, S., & Gu, G. X. Machine learning enabled optimization of showerhead design for semiconductor deposition process. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 2023, 1-11.

[4] Lee, S., Lim. D. D., Pegg, E., & Gu, G. X.; The origin of high-velocity impact response and damage mechanisms for bioinspired composites. Cell Reports Physical Science, 2022, 3(12), 101152.

[3] Lim. D. D.; Park. J.W.‡; Lee. J.M.; Noh. D.W.; Choi. J.H.; Choi. W.*; "Broadband Mechanical Metamaterial Absorber", Additive Manufacturing, 2022, (


[2] Lim. D. D.‡; Lee. J.M.‡; Park J.W.; Choi. W.*; "High-resolution and electrically conductive three-dimensional printing of carbon nanotube-based polymer composites enabled by solution intercalation", Carbon, 2022, DOI: 10.1016/j.carbon.2022.03.042


[1] Lee. S.J.‡; Lee. H.M.‡; Lim. D. D.; Song C.H.; Choi. W.*; "Temperature-responsive ultrasonic-wave engineering using thermoresponsive polymers", Advanced Functional Materials, 2021, 31, 2104042

Conference Proceedings

[2] Lim, D., Georgiou, T., Bhardwaj, A., O’Connell, G. D., & Agogino, A. M. Customization of a 3D printed prosthetic finger using parametric modeling. IDETC-CIE, 2018 (Vol. 51753, p. V02AT03A034). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


[1] Schoop, E., Nguyen, M., Lim, D., Savage, V., Follmer, S., & Hartmann, B. Drill Sergeant: Supporting physical construction projects through an ecosystem of augmented tools. In Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 1607-1614).


[1] Park, J., Song, J., Jeon, E., Lee, K., Choi, J., Lim, D., Lee, J., Choi, W.  “Electrically Conductive Polymer Composites Manufacturing Method Thereof 3D Printing Method using The Polymer Composites” – KR/PT20210370


[1] “Sophie’s Super Hand”, Berkeley Engineer cover page, Fall 2015 - Link

Fellowships and awards

[3] International Design Award (Silver) with Tensegrity: Deployable sensor for a disaster area link

[2] A' Design Award Platinum with Tensegrity: Deployable sensor for a disaster area link

[1] H2H8 (Hearts to humanity eternal) Graduate Fellowship 2022 Cohort in Engineering link


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