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Using AI for industrial design of prosthetic finger (1)

Being a mechanical engineer with a passion for the principles of industrial design, I've consistently placed a strong emphasis on the visual appeal of prosthetic finger aesthetics.

Current prosthetic finger design of AL-78

As an enthusiast of Gundam, I endeavored to craft a prosthetic finger that embodied the distinctive aesthetics of the iconic series. My project, titled 'AL-78,' drew its inspiration from the renowned RX-78-2 Gundam model. Yet, I consistently faced the challenge of visualizing how the intricate features of Gundam could seamlessly integrate into the design of a functional prosthetic hand.

Gundam plastic model from GUNJAP []

Therefore, I opted for a fresh approach and delved into the realm of Generative AI tools to design the external housing for the first time. Relying primarily on Chat-GPT (which I'm also utilizing in this post for revisions), I embarked on a journey to expand my knowledge by exploring several YouTube tutorials on harnessing Generative AI for industrial design.

Here is the list of tutorials I watched.

Learnings are (tips are copied and pasted from the videos)

  1. [a] To have good aesthetic control in AI, first understand how it thinks algorithmically.

  2. [a] Why not used in reality? Probably not aesthetic/manufacturable

  3. [a] Use Midjourney /blend (Reference image + DNA1 + DNA2 + DNA3)

  4. [a] For DNA: Not more than 2 prominent features / plain white background

  5. [b] To start using MidJourney: /imagine : easiest way to get started - ex. /imagine a designer security camera

  6. [b] To increase the quality: same prompt, high contrast, hyperrealistic, redshift, 4k

  7. [b] /blend tool. drag images. similar camera angle.

  8. [b] images with text. text prompting with blending.

Having acquired this newfound knowledge, I decided to put it to the test by experimenting with Midjourney for the very first time, utilizing the blend tool. By blending these two images together,


I got these two images with/without text prompts.

without text prompt

With 'Mechanical prosthetic hand' prompt

The result didn't quite align with my initial expectations. I was hoping to obtain a 2D side view with distinct Gundam features that could serve as a reference for my modeling endeavors.

So, I'll explore more prompts next week to create better versions of it.

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