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Product Design

Client: Iterant (Work sourced and managed through You3Dit)

Project duration: 3 months - 2023.01 - 2023.04

Iterant focuses on developing a cutting-edge quality control checking device specifically tailored for the reusing of PakTech products. PakTech is a renowned company known for its sustainable packaging solutions. However, to ensure that their products are efficiently recycled and reused, it is crucial to maintain a high level of quality during the recycling process.

Figure 1. Paktech being recycled (image from Paktech)

Video of explanation of Paktech concept

The device invented for Iterant aims to streamline and optimize the reusing procedures by incorporating advanced technologies. It will be capable of inspecting PakTech materials with precision and accuracy, ensuring that only the highest quality materials are selected for reusing (recycling). By doing so, we aim to enhance the overall efficiency of the recycling process, minimize waste, and contribute significantly to the sustainability efforts in the packaging industry.

Demo of Iterant

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