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Stealth metamaterial


Stealth metamaterial


Multifunctional metamaterial

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Lim, D. D., Park, J., Lee, J., Noh, D., Lee, J., Choi, J., & Choi, W. (2022). Broadband mechanical metamaterial absorber enabled by fused filament fabrication 3D printing. Additive Manufacturing, 55, 102856.

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• Broadband mechanical metamaterial absorber (BMMA) is designed in lattice structures.

• It implements both electromagnetic wave absorption and reinforced relative stiffness.

• BMMAs consist of multi-layered, octet-truss cells of carbon black-based composites.

• 3D printed BMMAs achieve > 90% absorbance (~98.66% on average) for 5.8–18 GHz.

• It maintains constant stiffness per unit mass density of 1.37 at a low density (~200 kg/m3).

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