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Body-powered prosthetic hand designs

I've been dedicated to developing a concept for a modular prosthetic hand over an extended period. Within this article, I intend to revisit a few thoroughly refined designs pertaining to prosthetic hands, focusing particularly on options driven by body-powered mechanisms.

1. Hook-type prosthesis by TRS prosthetics

TRS Inc. is founded by upper limb amputee Bob Radocy, who was frustrated by the limited performance of commercially available prosthetics devices. (from the TRS website). The design is simple and straightforward + extremely functional as we could observe from the video.

Prosthetic hook by TRS prosthetics

2. For partial finger amputees: Naked prosthetics

Naked prosthetics provide aesthetic and functional prosthetic hands, especially for partial finger amputees.

3. Mechanical prosthetic hand developed by Ian Davis

As an inventor, Ian Davis developed his own body-powered prosthetic hand that is fully functional which he has been using and improving as the user and a designer himself.

4. Cyborg Beast by Jorge Zuniga

Last but not least, open-sourced prosthetic hand 'Cyborg Beast' by Jorge Zuniga. This would probably be the most-downloaded and printed open-sourced prosthetic hand by far.

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