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Using AI for industrial design of prosthetic finger (2)

In my previous post, I covered how I used Midjourney to create a blended image for the prosthetic hand concept.

This week, I went back and used /imagine function to create reference images rather than trying to add the designated styling (Gundam) to it.

Here are the results.

prompt: /imagine a modular robotic hand design

prompt: /imagine modular robotic hand designs

prompt: /imagine modular robotic hand design, plastic and aluminum materials, side view

prompt: /imagine robotic hand design with gundam exterior side view

prompt: /imagine robotic finger design with gundam-like exterior made of high quality materials, high contrast, hyperrealistic, 4k, redshift

It looks definitely more complete and finalized compared to the previous blended image, but how can I use them in the industrial design that I currently have?

For now, I can use them as reference images to give concept ideas of the features that could be included in the concept generation.


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